My First Experience with NiBAP Team and Field Ornithology

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My first experience with the NiBAP team marked a turning point in my life, igniting a passion for ornithology that I never knew existed within me.

It all began on a Friday evening when my elder sister, aware of my budding interest in birds, introduced me to the SESSAT outing. Intrigued, I expressed my desire to join, and soon enough, my name was enlisted. The anticipation grew as I prepared myself mentally for the adventure that awaited.


Arriving at the designated hotel, I settled into my room, eager to meet my fellow SESSAT members. After a refreshing bath, I stepped out to find a group of like-minded individuals gathered in the lobby. Introductions were made, and friendly greetings were exchanged. We bonded over our shared enthusiasm for birdwatching and the wonders of nature.


A brief meeting and an introductory lecture were organized, led by knowledgeable SESSAT team leaders. They provided us with essential information and guidelines for the upcoming activities. Energized by their words, we dispersed to our rooms, eager to rest and prepare ourselves for the exciting day ahead.


Saturday morning arrived, accompanied by the chirping of birds outside my window. I geared up in my field attire, ready to embark on this adventure. As I made my way to the rendezvous point, I encountered the NiBAP team, a dedicated group of experts in the field. The NiBAP team and the SESSAT team lead assigned the SESSAT members to their respective teams and leaders.


To my delight, the NiBAP team invited me to join them for the day’s activities. Excitement coursed through my veins as I hopped into their trusty Rav4 Jeep, which had witnessed countless expeditions. Meanwhile, the rest of the SESSAT members boarded vehicles that would transport them to their assigned locations, known as pentads.


During our journey to the Pentad, I engaged in animated conversations with my newfound companions. They eagerly shared their knowledge and experiences, introducing me to the Bird Atlas app and field guide. Enthralled, I absorbed every piece of information, soaking in the nuances of bird identification and observation techniques.


Upon reaching our designated location, Mrs Nanchin initiated the recording process, diligently noting down the birds she spotted in the area. Mr Arin and his friend showcased captivating photographs of the recorded species, further fueling my fascination. Dr Talatu patiently guided me in mastering the use of binoculars, allowing me to appreciate the intricate details of the avian world.


Under the tutelage of the NiBAP team, I delved deeper into the realm of bird identification and familiarized myself with their unique characteristics and environmental adaptations. I learned to discern the signs of their mating seasons, unraveling the intricate dances and melodies that orchestrate their courtship rituals. With every passing moment, my connection with these magnificent creatures grew stronger.


We spent a glorious two hours in each pentad, immersing ourselves in the abundance of birdlife. I beheld a mesmerizing array of beautiful species, etching their vibrant colors and graceful movements into the tapestry of my memory. The Nibap team’s passion and expertise were infectious, and I marveled at their dedication and knowledge.


As the day’s operations drew to a close, we retreated to the hotel, replenishing our energy with a hearty dinner. Eager to enhance my learning, I returned to my room and delved into the field guide, committing the names and features of various birds to memory. What initially seemed like an arduous task gradually transformed into a joyous endeavor, as the once unfamiliar names became familiar friends.


Motivated by my extraordinary encounter with the NiBAP team, I embraced the role of an educator. I took pleasure in sharing my newfound knowledge with other students interested in joining the reactivated Mouau Bird Club. Furthermore, I embarked on personal birdwatching expeditions during my free time, continuously honing my skills and expanding my understanding of these winged wonders.

Yet, my thirst for discovery remains unquenched. I yearn to venture to the North, eager to witness new and exotic bird species that have eluded my gaze in the Southern part of Nigeria. With each passing day, my passion for ornithology intensifies, and I find myself yearning to pursue this field of study at a higher level.


Thanks to the transformative experience with the NiBAP team, I have embarked on a remarkable journey, guided by my fascination with birds and the intricate tapestry of nature. And as I spread my wings and explore the world of ornithology, I know that the possibilities are as vast and diverse as the avian kingdom itself.

Written by Inemesit Happiness Eniang.

Edited by Kazeh Nanchin.