Jos Bird Club 5th Anniversary




6:30 am


APLORI, Jos East

Jos Bird Club Announcement

The Jos Bird Club (JBC) is an initiative of the Nigerian Bird Atlas Project (NiBAP) to promote citizen participation and engagement in nature appreciation and conservation through bird watching. The JBC is thus a community that brings together bird watchers, nature enthusiasts and citizen scientists and was established on the 1st October 2016.

Since its establishment 5 years ago, JBC has been recruiting and engaging members of the public in her monthly birdwatching and nature walks across different interesting sites in Jos metropolis. The club aims to raise awareness about nature by reaching out to as many people as possible through bird watching and other activities.

As part of its 5th anniversary which comes up in October, the club has a line-up of programs to mark the day. Members will be involved in street campaigns, birdwatching, radio programs and a Bird fair. The Bird fair is the first for the club and in Jos and its environs. We look forward to increasing our reach and recruiting as many people as possible through our activities, especially through the bird fair. The bird fair is a one-day event that seeks to promote the activities of the club and other environmentally oriented organizations. It is an avenue to create awareness and develop the culture of birdwatching and nature appreciation amongst Nigerians, particularly Jos inhabitants. We are reaching out to individuals, governments, institutions, and NGOs to get everyone involved through collaboration and sponsorship.

There will be a special webinar leading up to the bird fair to present talks about citizen science and bird watching. Nature enthusiasts and organizations that work to connect people with the environment will get an opportunity to share personal and organizational experiences. Interested partners are invited to register and obtain slots to make a presentation and to get a dedicated physical booth/stand to showcase their activities at the bird fair. Slots for a virtual/pre-recorded or in-person 10-mins talk, and the publicity stand can be obtained for a minimum donation of 5,000 naira for our local partners and a minimum of (50 US Dollars) for international partners. For further inquiries about securing slots or about the bird fair, email  or call +2348039690985, +2348069219383, +2347036413001.

Additionally, the JBC has also put up a GoFundMe account to solicit financial support to enable us to have a successful bird fair and for the development of the club. Realized funds will be used for the purchase of binoculars and bird guides and organizations of field outings. Read more & donate here –

The JBC Bird fair is all about people, birds, and nature. The club looks forward to holding this event annually.